Elodie Italia welcomes Silvia Rizzo

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Elodie Italia is proud to welcome her new ambassador, the Italian horsewoman Silvia Rizzo. She’s not a model, but a capable and determinate athlete. She represents the excellence of the most elegant equestrian discipline, the dressage. Thanks to her, the Italian tricolor travelled all over the world, conquering prestigious podiums and making all the Italian equitation proud.

Silvia and her successes are the mirror of Elodie Italia’s world. Like her, even Elodie wants to bring at the highest levels the made in Italy quality, exporting the true Italian beauty. Courage and desire to win, charm and refined elegance: Silvia is like Elodie, Silvia is Elodie.

Well-known also for her look, that received special compliments from the Italian fashion designer Valentino, Silvia loves to be always at her best, to express her personal style also during the competitions: Elodie Italia is her new and precious allied! Silvia’s hair is long and colored and needs particular attention to be healthy: it’s an important part of her unique style!

Nobody, better than an athlete, knows that in particular situations, the hair needs special care products: that’s why Silvia chose Elodie Italia, which thanks to her products range can provide everything she needs, even when she’s far from home for important international competitions.

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