Elodie Italia and The Baths for hair stem: taking care of yourself and your hair

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Imagine a new beauty ritual, an universe of made in Italy hair care. Little gestures and professional products, full of high quality ingredients for more bright, beautiful but also health hair. It’s the new wellness treatment The Baths for hair stem, perfect to take care of the hair ruined by the sun, the wind and the salt after the summer holidays. Its revolution is in the ritual that exalts the main features of three lines of Elodie Italia, Shine, Form and Intensive. The ritual is composed by different and personalized steps, that can extend or reduce the timing of shampoo and conditioner laying: revitalizing an arid stem, nourishing a stressed hair, hydrating a dry hair, giving volume to a heavy mane or giving brightness to a discolored color.

Every step can be changed. The most important is the last one: the innovate technology of the smooth e-spray, that helps to hold inside the hair the active ingredients, making it easier to comb and create the hairstyle you prefer.

Elodie Italia knows how to be modern and dynamic, but she also knows how to finding some time for herself and her wellness. Try yourself to be like Elodie with The Bath for the hair stem, the revolution for you hair. The have some self-consideration is not about vanity but it means to respect your needs. A moment for taking care of yourself, a moment of awareness, starting from the most important thing: you.

Realizing The Bath for the hair stem is easy: the technicians of Elodie Italia are ready to offer a personalized treatment for every needs. For the more resourceful, Elodie Italia created also a kit with every product that you may need for your treatment, together with the brush, the bowl and the headdress: soon it will be possible to buy it online, so that you can realize the Bath for the hair stem at home.