Elodie Italia: the consulting and image service for the hairdresser

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Any child dreams to be a grown-up as any of us naturally chases for beauty. The hairstylist is an expert who looks for the right cut to give shape and style to this desire. Helping him to exalt his artistic characteristics is Elodie Italia’s job. Professional cosmetic lines and high profile treatments, together with a team of image, fashion and communication professionals, specialized in the hair care’s world, make of Elodie Italia a strategic partner to guide the hairdresser, for his business growth and his clients’ satisfaction. We talked you about our training courses , to discover and practice innovative techniques and new trends to suggest to the clients. But Elodie Italia offers also a complete service, to take care of the image of the saloon and help the brand development. Nowadays, the market requires more and more commitment and working on the image and the communication is essential. We can support your work and your ideas, like a tailor with a tailor-made dress. There are no limits, exept for your imagination.

We can create photographic services and professional advertising materials, like folders, business cards, logos or signs. We can also customize your cloaks, sponges or clothing and create the design of your shop windows, so that you can be proud to welcome a new client. Today is also essential the work in social media, a job that needs competence and attention to everyday news. Thanks to our “tailor-made” image and consulting service, we can help you realize “the dress” of your dream. We offer a concrete support for you hairdressers, helping with every needs: do not hesitate to contact us for every requirement, we are ready to accept the challenge.

Elodie Italia is your new partner in this passion and business growth adventure.