Celebrate Christmas with Elodie Italia: magic and beauty with the Baths for hair stem

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Hair tells us a lot about each person’s sense of beauty. At the same time, however, it’s an indicator of wellness and health: this is why it is necessary to take care of it constantly.

In colder months, factors such as temperature fluctuations, intensive use of the hairdryer and high electrostatic charges add even more stress to the hair, often already dry and weakened by external agents. Elodie Italia is always by your side with customized solutions to always keep your lengths healthy and strong.

The secret elixir of wellness for your hair can be found in the Baths for hair stem; a pure wellness ritual conceived to improve the health of scalp, roots and tips. A complete treatment to celebrate Christmas and holidays with shiny, soft and moisturised hair.

In the Baths for hair stem you can find various products typical of Elodie Italia’s lines of cosmetics, wisely combined to maximize the power of their active ingredients: careful product application times, perfect wash and rinse cycles and the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. A single treatment yielding long lasting results, which combined with the great quality of Elodie Italia, will result in sheer wellness.

The moisturising characteristics of wheat proteins contained in our shine line, the refreshing power of rosemary and grapefruit in our form line and the nourishing energy of our witch hazel based intensive line will undoubtedly become your new trusted beauty allies. At the end of the treatment, the precious smooth e.spray with argan oil will gift your hair with softness, reduction of split ends and frizzy effect up to 5-6 washings.

With a unique and personalized treatment, your hair will rediscover deep moisture, health and brilliance: the perfect Christmas gift, ideal for every type of hair. You can find the Baths for hair stem in the best hair salons, where you will find prepared professional staff ready to help you, and where you can buy the handy kit that will allow you to repeat the process in the comfort of your home.

Get ready for Christmas with Elodie Italia for a winter full of wellness and beauty.