Elodie Party Time in Valletta Brianza: a new success to tell

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The special relationship of Elodie Italia with its partners is based on trust, mutual support, quality and professionalism. Elodie Party Time are events that serve to consolidate this relationship: they are moments of meeting, sharing and deepening the relationship between your store and customers, thanks to the support of our team of experts.
On July 13th it was the turn of the Intrecci salon by Katia Brivio in Valletta Brianza, in the province of Lecco. A new appointment with our Elodie Party Time, to discover all the benefits and characteristics of the cosmetic lines and treatments signed by Elodie Italia. Katia is now going to tell us about her impressions after the event organized at her salon.

Your Elodie Party Time has just ended. What do you think about it?
I liked the initiative very much and I am very satisfied. I did not believe that we could combine work with moments of celebration whilst deepening our knowledge of how to take care of our hair. It was a really pleasant experience.

Do you find the Elodie Party Time useful for the professional growth of your salon?
Having professional technicians available for a whole day shortens distances between the manufacturer and the end customer. The advantage is all of us hairdressers. We become a reference point synonymous with quality and professionalism.

Would you recommend to other hairdressers to organize an Elodie Party Time?
Of course, yes! The exclusive relationship that I have established with Elodie Italia has simplified my work a lot. The team of Elodie Italia has done its utmost to satisfy my needs and ensure the perfect outcome of the evening. Of course I will do an encore this fall!

What were the real benefits for your salon?
Once the initial embarrassment was dissolved, a very serene and professional atmosphere was immediately established. Customers have greatly appreciated the possibility of asking questions about cosmetic lines and their daily needs, obtaining useful answers that have left them very satisfied.

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