Time for summer, time for Gocce d’Estate by Elodie Italia: our new repairing oil

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Cold winters, midseasons and summer heat: no matter the time of the year, Elodie Italia is always by your side, offering you the most suitable products to keep your hair shiny and in excellent condition. Hair requires constant attention, and during summer, even more so. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, as well as the intensive use of hats, hairbands and hair ties, can stress and ruin both your hair tips and roots. Sea water and salt are hazardous for our hair too. Elodie Italia aim at enhancing your beauty in every season, with new professional products which can give you maximum protection and brightness. Thanks to the continuous research we carry out in our labs, this summer you can rely on a new ally for your hair wellness: our precious repairing oil Gocce d’Estate (Summer Drops), the perfect combination of the best active ingredients of argan oil and sweet almond oil.

Specifically manufactured for those who prefer to use the repairing oil instead of the Smooth e-spray conditioner during summer, its benefits make it perfect to keep your hair healthy on holiday. The intense and soft fragrance contains all the warmest and sweetest shades of summer: a beauty treatment that turns into a rain of exotic perfumes. The repairing oil Gocce d’Estate (Summer Drops) by Elodie Italia also guarantees maximum protection from UV rays and full hydration for your hair. The unique antioxidant property of the argan oil combined with the nutritive power of sweet almonds makes for unparalleled wellness: fatty acids, combined with vitamins B1 and B6 ensure perfect hydration, while vitamin E improves the microcirculation of your scalp. Ideal for application before bathing or exposure to sun, its light consistency allows rapid absorption, leaving your hands perfectly dry. A fast-acting and intensive treatment for total shine. Our repairing oil Gocce d’Estate (Summer Drops) will be available individually or combined with other products from our exclusive range of sun products.

No matter your destination of your summer vacation, Elodie Italia will always be with you.