Gocce d’Estate: a new range of products for sun protection and shining beauty

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Summer is synonymous with free and total expression of oneself. But sun and heat can take a heavy toll on the beauty of your hair and scalp. Ultraviolet rays, sweat, high temperatures, salt, and chlorine are a “deadly” combination for our hair, which can become stressed, dull and dry. Give a warm welcome to summer with a new cosmetic line, designed to help your hair never lose its natural shine again. Elodie Italia has created an innovative combination of high-profile ingredients, aiming at protecting your beauty from the damage caused by sunlightGocce d’Estate Shampoo and conditioner will be by your side throughout the season: your hair will no longer lose their natural moisture, and you will finally say goodbye to dry tips and dull stems. The precious active ingredients of wheat germ contained in the shampoo, combined with the strength of shea butter and jojoba oil contained in the conditioner, make for a perfect nourishment for shiny and healthy hair. Also ideal for frequent washing, they come in two different formats – 250ml and 100ml. Elodie Italia also created another exceptional, regenerating product, rich in antioxidants: the repairing oil Gocce d’Estate with argan and sweet almond, which will be your best ally in protecting your hair from sunlight, as well as the consequences of exposure to sea water and wind. Available in a practical 100ml package, this oil can be applied onto hair before direct exposure to sunlight, it dries immediately and will fully restore the natural look of your hair. You can buy these products either individually or as two convenient kits:

  • Gocce d’Estate Summer Bag: shampoo, conditioner and repairing oil, in a convenient 100ml format, contained in a handy Elodie Italia bag, along with a free portable folding brush with a mirror;
  • Gocce d’Estate Summer Beauty: shampoo and conditioner in a 250ml format, combined with repairing oil in a 100ml pack, contained in a pretty branded Elodie Italia cosmetic bag.

You can find our Gocce d’Estate line at both our retailers’ stores and on our e-commerce.

Choose Elodie Italia and give your hair the hydration, brightness, and softness it deserves. An incredible summer awaits you.