Welcome in Elodie Italia’s world

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The love for the hair, the research for an authentic beauty ritual with delicate gestures and care: this is how your new allied is born, let us introduce her. Elodie Italia is not just a made in Italy cosmetic line that takes care of the hair with very high quality products (shampoo, conditioner and spray) and selected raw materials. Elodie Italia is also a friend, a partner, your complicit.

With products that are created to enhance the natural beauty of every woman, Elodie Italia thinks about everyone: Shine, for dry and damaged hair; Form, for subtle fine hair; Intensive, for colored hair; Smooth, a special conditioner to make hair soft, brilliant and easy to comb, without a hair straighteners. Shine, Form, Intensive or Smooth? Whatever will be your choice, you, hairdresser or hairstylist, will be the heart of Elodie Italia’s world she will become a trustworthy partner, to rely on for every need. A tailor-made service, that will help you in your professional activity, with a personalized consultation. Like a sartorial dress, we will draw together the services that you need, to enhance your strength point and work on your improvement areas.

Elodie thinks also about particular occasions and she created a summer special edition: three summer glamour bags, full of all the products that your clients may need during their holidays: thanks to Elodie, you can offer this additional service. With Elodie, beauty travels with them!
With this blog, we will be even more closer, we will inform you about all the last news and we will open a dedicated channel for you, our loving supporter.

Are you ready to enter Elodie Italia’s world?