Elodie Party Time, a face-to-face relationship.

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Quality is not an option, it is our essence, the special ingredient from which our cosmetic lines, treatments and initiatives to support beauty salons like yours are born. It is something that can be touched and experienced together with our trusted partners and the people who have chosen to be part of the Elodie Italia community. Our Elodie Party Time events are made just for this: get to know each other and touch all that Elodie Italia can do for you and your customers. The last event took place at the end of June at the Fashion Rose salon in Brusaporto, near Bergamo: a fantastic afternoon spent sharing our passion for hair care.

Behind every Elodie Party Time there is a great team work, side by side with the beauty salon that will host the event. The day is chosen by our hairdressing partners in the midweek: two hours of activities, entertainment, information and wellness. Elodie Italia takes care of the promotional material including banners, invitations, posters and more, up to the organization of a buffet, full of delicious snacks and drinks. Each beauty salon thus becomes a unique and welcoming environment, where our professionals work together with our partners to enhance the identity of each place and the quality of Elodie Italia products. Thanks to promotions, special treatments, demonstrations and many surprises for end customers, the program is enriched every time with new and original ideas for each beauty centre. Furthermore, our technicians are available for the entire duration of the event, to explain in detail each cosmetic line and treatment.

The promotion of the event is also carried out together, so as to spread the initiative and support our partners as much as possible. This is because sharing is the key to every Elodie Party Time. Every appointment is an unmissable opportunity for growing together. The event of Brusaporto has just ended, and everyone was really happy. Now it’s time to think about the next event, on July 13th at Intrecci di Katia Brivio in La Valletta Brianza.

Enter the world of Elodie Italia: you could be hosting the very next Elodie Party Time.