Baths for hair stem and smooth e-spray, the exclusive recipe for your beauty salon

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Customers entering your salon aim at emphasizing their beauty. In order to help you offer them nothing but the best solutions to their needs, Elodie Italia has created Baths for hair stem, an extraordinary revitalizing treatment who is able to restore the natural softness and brightness of the hair. This treatment is effective on all kinds of hair, making the most out of the nutritional key elements of the three cosmetic lines by Elodie Italia – shine, form and intensive. Thanks to a wise management of processing time and rinses, combined with the use of these high-quality shampoos and conditioners, your hair will re-gain the hydration and deep nourishment it had lost. But there are even more advantages in using Baths for hair stem. For a completely rejuvenating effect on weak or stressed hair you can also combine shampoos and conditioners from the various cosmetic lines into a unique concentrate of beauty. The smooth e-spray is also ideal to ensure an intensive treatment that gives softness, strength and wellness to the hair from its roots to its ends.

For damaged, dry and treated hair, nothing acts deeper than the argan oil contained in our smooth e-spray. Applied after the treatments with Baths for hair stem in combination with other products from our shine, form and intensive lines, this powerful conditioner – with a unique formulation – will restore your hair’s natural hydration and brightness. Thanks to the Baths for hair stem by Elodie Italia, your beauty salon will turn into a special world entirely dedicated to wellness, where your customers will rediscover their own beauty. A sensory journey of pure enjoyment, conceived to give professional hairdressers like you the best products and cosmetic treatments for hair care. Bring all the magic and effectiveness of Elodie Italia products to your salon.

Choose a deep and everlasting wellness.