Elodie Italia’s tips for a summer of beauty and healthy hair

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Summer and heat inevitably take their toll on your hair. Well, it is time to take the well-being of your hair seriously. Thanks to its team of hair professionals, Elodie Italia has put together five easy-to-follow steps that will get your hair back into shape and ready for summer.

1. Protect your hair from UV rays

Sun rays are the main enemy of your hair. Split ends, loss of hydration and brightness are among the first consequences of excessive sun exposure. The only way to protect yourself is to use specific anti-UV products such as the repairing oil Gocce d’estate: quick and easy to use, it slows down the evaporation process of the water that helps keep your hair hydrated.

2. Moderate use of hair straighteners and hair dryers

Take advantage of the beautiful season to give your hair the deserved rest from continuous drying at high temperatures. After shampoo, just let your hair dry naturally, or dry it using only cold air. Worried about your style? Have fun creating soft braids and folds, letting the wet effect help you with combing.

3. Frequent washing is ok, but with the right products

Heat and outdoor activities require you wash your hair more frequently. In this case it is essential to use more delicate products, such as Gocce d’estate conditioner and shampoo. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, they counteract the aging of skin and hair and ensure perfect nourishment.

4. Give priority to hydration

The chlorine of a pool or brackish water can severely stress your hair. After rinsing it with fresh water, gently prepare your hair for combing using Elodie Italia’s smooth e-spray on wet hair you will be able to avoid knots and brush them straight with ease.

5. Not just sea

The drying out and dehydration of your hair are not caused solely by the sea. Even mountain hiking at high altitudes exposes the hair to the harmful action of sun rays. In order to prevent this, always carry your Elodie Italia’s solar products with you, and always remember to apply a protective filter on dry hair before going out in the sun.

Enjoy the beautiful season without any thoughts, with Elodie Italia’s beauty tips.